New Prices & Options


Custom Single Top 2.700 USD – base price*

Custom Double Top 4.800 USD – base price*

Standard options included in the base price:

Caucasian Spruce wood for single top. Canadian Red Cedar wood for double top.

Mother of Pearl (Sadaf) Rings Around the Rosettes for double top.

Walnut, Padouk, Mahogany, Cherry, Pear, Movingui, Indian Laurel, Teak, Wenge bowl, neck and peg box woods.

Long or short fretboard.

Trespa or ebony fretboard wood.

White plexi rosettes.

Ebony or Rosewood pegs.

Black veneer pickguard.

Extra options:

Exotic woods:

Dalbergia Spruceana (Amazon Rosewood) +300 USD

Dalbergia Latifolia (East Indian Rosewood) +300 USD

Dalbergia Cearensis (Kingwood) Quartersawn +300 USD / Flatsawn +500USD

Macassar Ebony +500USD

Gabon Ebony +500 USD

Pommele Sapele +500 USD

Juniper +300 USD

Curly Maple +300 USD


Rosewood, Walnut, Maple +100USD


Same with bowl wood +100 USD

Turtle shell +300 USD

Mother of Pearl Rings

Around the Rosettes (for Single Top) +300


Ebony, Trespa, Rosewood +100 USD

Soundboard Finish:

Finishing with Lacquer +100 USD

French Polish +200 USD

Size Customization:

7 Course +200 USD

Neck and String Length +100 USD

Handmade Custom Hard Case

for Faruk Türünz Ouds: +200 USD

All other Custom Specifications are subject to discussion.

Additional charges for shipping and handling.


Double Soundboard Presentation Videos

Double Soundboard Presentation Videos featuring Yurdal Tokcan


13 String - Pommele Sapele & Yew Wood

Spruce Soundboard

Pommele Sapele & Yew Wood
Trespa Fingerboard
Dyed and Varnished Maple Veneer Pickguard
Ebony French Eye Pegs
White Plexiglas Rosettes
Bone Nut
585mm String Length
7 Course Soundboard Design
2.100 USD
Owner Jason Micallef - Australia
November 2008


Double Soundboard Oud Presentation Details

Double Soundboard Oud Presentation will be held in Kameriye Cafe. Our new model will be performed by Yurdal Tokcan at 01.00 pm. Here is the address & map:

Mazhar Osman Sokak. Gazi Muhtar Paşa Korusu. Kuyubaşı Kadıköy İstanbul.

Tel: 0216 346 0306

Faruk Türünz Mobile: 0532 579 5312


Çift Ses Tablalı Ud Tanıtımı Kameriye Kafe'de gerçekleşecektir. Yeni modelimiz Yurdal Tokcan tarafından icra edilecektir. Etkinliğimiz 8 Kasım Cumartesi saat 13.00'te başlayacaktır. Tüm yapımcı, udi ve müzik severler davetlimizdir. Kameriye Kafe'nin ulaşım krokisi aşağıdadır:

Mazhar Osman Sokak. Gazi Muhtar Paşa Korusu. Kuyubaşı Kadıköy İstanbul.

Tel: 0216 346 0306

Faruk Türünz Cep: 0532 579 5312



I kindly announce the special meeting day for the presentation of our "DOUBLE SOUNDBOARD" ouds with the participation of prominent oud artists.

The meeting date: Saturday, 8th of November 2008.

Hour, location and the participants will be announced soon

Everybody who is in Istanbul on that day will be welcomed.


Red Cedar Double Soundboard

Red Cedar Double Soundboard
All East Indian Rosewood
Trespa Fingerboard
Mother of Pearl Rings
Turtle Shell Pickguard
Ebony Pegs
White Plexiglas Rosettes
Bone Nut
585mm String Length
4.000 USD
Owner Dr. Asad Shasavari - USA
September 2008


Joseph Tawadros plays JT Signature Oud built by Faruk Türünz

Greek Artist Periklis Tsoukalas Says That

Dear Friends,

I am sure that anyone who has played and tasted one of Faruk’s ouds would surely want to write something about this experience.
Perhaps Faruk Türünz is the most important oud maker of our time. His ouds give you the chance to feel the music entirely through their continuity of sound, giving the opportunity for playing very fast and clean thanks to the balance and sensitivity they possess. Likewise his ouds produce an utterly clean and secure sound at every playing speed.
Faruk Türünz is a researcher at the same time. Thanks to the method which he developed and named as “Brace Tuning System” he tunes the soundboards, therefore the vibrations span the entire soundboard evenly, thus converting to that rich, clean, unchanging, and exceptional sound.
A musician finds everything that he or she seeks for in a Faruk oud, or his oud shows them what an oud ought to be.
This is the reason that I consider Mr. Faruk as the most important luthier of our day, just like Manol was known as the most important luthier of his time.
I do not use any ouds other than those of master Faruk in the concerts I perform with my group “Chainides”, in my solo concerts, and CD recordings. I never change this label which gives me this security under all conditions.
There is a truth that I always say: While half of the skill belongs to the musician, the other half belongs to the luthier. Half of my musical success belongs to Faruk Türünz who puts his heart into the ouds he makes.

Sandwich Top Project

Jameel Abraham made a beautiful oud in late 2006, using Nomex to construct a "sandwich top" oud. I first became aware of this material, when I saw it being used for the construction of classical guitars by luthiers like Matthias Dammann, Fritz Mueller and Gernot Wagner. I had been considering trying it on an experimental oud, so I was very interested in Jameel's project. A few months ago, I started some experimentation of my own and used graphite composite sheets for bracing the soundboards. I interposed the graphite composite sheets between two balsa welts using epoxy. I used epoxy also for mounting nomex between two Canadian Red Cedar plates. The sandwich plates became perdurable against humidity and temperature changes up to 60 degree Centigrade. There is no probability for getting cracks unless being heavily hit. I made some Turkish and Arabic ouds with sandwich tops and the sounds of these ouds outran the sounds of all my previous Grand Concert Ouds.